Ok, I'm getting frustrated at the lack of understanding of the rules.

There has been a large rise on the amount of "VIP" hack providers in the last two weeks that offer shitty Trainer Maker Kit trainers, largely due the part of MPGH's success in the VIP hacking department.

The first thing these users do when they make these sites, is go advertising on MPGH. They insist on spamming every forum in hoping to draw members from our pool. Let there be no mistake, we do not support ANY form of advertising of any other Game Related websites, much less any Game Hacking community. We are a business company.

As sub-administrator of MPGH, I'm asking you to report any posts that post or advertise any links of such. These posts should not be up for longer than an hour at most. Advertising is a strict and harsh punishment which results in permanent ban from MPGH, and no one is exempt from the rules. We work hard to provide you with a friendly and easy solution to get hacks for free, and in return, it would be nice if you helped make our jobs easier.

I also advise you not to purchase VIP hacks from these websites. They have no protection, or bypass from PunkBuster and most likely are one month running websites that will close down and run away with your money. We will not exchange or affiliate with other game hacking communities, so don't ask.

We have some major changes upcoming this summer for bring an integrated community into the hands of all users. Stay tuned, these will really rock the online community. We also are working hard on providing new hacks, as well as expanding our community base to many other games.

Be sure to participate on the VIP MPGH WarRock hacking video contest, you still got more than week to get in your submissions!