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    100,000'th Post

    About 7 hours ago, we crossed over the 100k post count border! This is a major accomplishment for all of MPGH. At the rate that posts are made each day, it won't be far till we see another 100K posts. Congratulations. Here is a link to the discussion thread. Link Here.

    Support our cause and,
    I'll get Dave to finish up some hacks we have been working on and release them for this special occasion. =) You won't be seeing a post like this till we hit 1,000,000 posts!

    Also, we still are running the Signature of the Week contest, open till June 6th! That's 6 more days to have your signature ready to defeat us all in SOTW! Link is right here:

    The link below is to the 100,000th post, made by: andrewyeh. Not the best grammar, but hey! 100k.

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