Fuck tekken's lil bitches.

Yeah its a stupid acronym, fuck if i care.


gah, i'm pretty good now, and i win about 2/3 of my matches with the xiao.(rofl japanese people are always the best in japanese games).

But gah, people just love to be lil bitches when they play. From the fucking eddy spammers(black guy who just moves his feet around a lot) to the king and asuka lows(repetitive low kicks unblockable after the first kick) they fucking piss me OFF!

Its like they play a fighting game, then they just spam the cheapest moves. They lose most of the time, but cmon, who fucking picks up a game and repetively spams the same moves. Even if i do beat them, it takes me almost five times as long, decreasing my chance to play with people with skill.

Tekkens online servers go off at 10:00 central.
The money you get from a match is the equivelant of 1/100 in what you get in missions, even if you get the roulette.
The money you NEED to buy clothes, armour, and stuff is like 500k a piece or more. You get 2k from a match. A match takes you about 3-5min.(with finding the ppl)
The pairing is insane. You can just start off and fight someone who has fought 1000 matches, and then you can fight him again and again without knowing it since the find match only shows connection.