I know alot of you may know who White0pz is and if you don't he is the guy that makes the videos for crossfire on there guns and shit. Any ways he tryes to rap to(fails at it bad) So I posted on one of his videos that he sucks and he needs to just make the videos on guns. He gets pissed off and spams my fucking in box.

White0pz-You should go to my FPS bombshell video. I have a comment on there.

It's now for you aswell.

I said I don't give a fuck about your videos z8 only picked you because your the 1st one to do it.

White0pz- Even if that were the case. Which it isn't Z8games actually told us themselves that they loved our video's and thought we would make better one's in the future which was true.

I think your bitch ass is just pissed off because. You don't open crossfire knowing that there's 2000 players waiting to play with you

2000 players frantically trying to be in that next game with you.

So you can be jealous all you want kid. It ain't going to effect me.
You can comment negative shit on my videos.

You can rate all our videos 1 star.
But your just a little spec of nothing.
We arn't.
You rate 1 star.
100 others will rate 5 stars.
You leave a bad comment.
200 will leave good one's.

We're known and your little punk ass ain't.
So if your just gunna sit there and be like
"I can be as popular as them if I just did reviews sooner"
Think again. There's only one FSR bitch.
and It ain't you.

The way your reacting out of jealousy. Now that's sad.
Poce bitch.

I said that theres only 2000 people trying to play with him in hopes of being in one of his videos and thats only why they try to play and that his videos are shit still and I don't rate them at all and I told him to STFO or I will hack his account and upload videos of gay porn .

White0pz-Immaturity is pointless.
I just reacted in anger. Which is almost as sad as reacting in jealousy. Look. I didn't look for you to start a flame war. You were trolling my video's so I commented back. That simple.

I don't need to tell you what you like. But because you know of us I assume your a fan. Listen. I took down all my music videos. So be happy.

You can do whatever you like.
Trash/bitch me out.

I'm not going to respond.
Sorry for the last message.

Continue with whatever it is you do.
*Btw, I did like the crossfire no scope video *


lol he likes my no scope video heres a link to his youtube YouTube - Kanaal van White0pz