Why is it that we cannot show any Racist or Nazi like activiteis?

Well that will offend people,Now I understand this too the full,I don't walk around saying Nigger,Jew,Chink,Spear chucker,Nazi(Don't know what real insult for germans)Tea sippers(Europe),Alchoholics(Ireland Scottish either one),Fat asses(Sad to say but Americans lol,Fat people in America makes us AMericans look bad),The list just goes on.Now I see all these apply,I agree,But then we have this ignorant,Bible thumping,Dark ages groupes Called Old fag detection Agency,New fag detection agency?Are you fucking kidding me?Seriusly,You have that fucking rule up but have that,I feel offended with that,It pisses me off and makes me think"Why the fuck am I fighting for my country and for world peace if people still treat people like me like shit?

I mean,Are you telling me this little group of kids have no imagination,I mean I can sit here and give you a hundred names that are cool and still functinol for a security force that cleans up The fourms.I mean,I am a mod for a site,And a Senator for a game called EVE online,On my down time.That group kinda kills the Real function of that rule.