this asshole is spreading out a virus on the cf section and no one is doing shit!WTF!choobs download it and get it and the virus over takes thare computer,delets a file and the computer is worth less,thares even a tut on how to get the virus off ur computer befor its to late.WHY IS HE NOT BANNED?!he just "updated"his virus and posted this:
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Hello people

I look here every day and now I see, we have a new minion here and Liz deleted my other topic.
Liz and toxin: She can ban me but nobody do it.

I think, youre wait for a pervect fail of me. With that I wanna say:
Youre wait for my real IP adress. I got tired of my security rules and logon to MPGH with my real IP.
And then i think, nobody sees that.

Thats the point of this changes into the CrossFire changes right?
Im not a noob. I have a life. For me is that just a challenge.

See, Im cool, I release the next update of MiniJail soon...

And to the other topics:
You cant save your PC by booting up into the safe mode. FAIL
You cant remove it with the bootCD of linux. FAIL
You cant remove it with a CD or with Spybot. EPIC FAIL

Big brother is watching you. Dont forget the shit. HELL YEAH

why wont u guys bann this jackass?im not stupid enought to download his programs but other ppl are
thats my flame