Castle Lineage II-Gracia Final

Castle Lineage IIóGracia Final
Home page:
Official forum:https://bbs.

Server Info
Game server:IBM System x3450
Network:Exclusive bandwidth 30M, share bandwidth 100M, Unlimited
Server load:1200 accounts online at the same time
Game rates: Exp:100x, Adena:300x, Drop:300x

*Release PVP attribute system
*Release Dual-dagger Compound system
*New S84 Vesper weapons, Vesper armors, Vesper jewelries etc
*Release two-in-one skills
*Release Vitality system, Element Attribute system
*All newbie weapons, armors, jewelries, entertainment props, consumables can be
achieved easily in Castle Convenience Store
*Release all accessories, Weapon Enchant system
*Release Wedding system, the IDs of couple are in special color, the couple can teleport to each other, know the condition and position of each other
*Newbie can level up easily, finish all occupational changes at Occupational Change Master more efficiently
*Release new BOSS, dropping weapons and armors of Vesper, Dynast, Infinity series
*Perfect races, all functions of Gracia Final available, skill enhancing, duel system
*All auto-learned skills
*Class and sub-class up to LV85, balanced classes.
*Release hundred kinds of Agathion bracelet
*Complete Demonic Sword Zariche & Blood Sword Akamanah system, Transfiguration system
*Auto resurrection state protection
*Multiple accounts support make your playing easy
*Two weeks a period of Seven Signs system, make special attribute to exchange for equal-grade weapon from Blacksmith of Mammon, selling rare props