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    buy 20-30 dollar headsets.

    Your using it to hear, and speak. Its very basic stuff and its not worth getting better more expensive stuff for.
    Shit happens, and I am interested in investing in better, hopefully more reliable products. So far, I have been given the short end of the stick more than a few times, but I am more optimistic for the future.

    I run through $20 headsets 1 per month, so if I can just find good one that's only $150 or so, it will be worth it in the long run. Also, at this point, I keep getting a gift-card back from Best Buy with around $155.69 on it.

    And I use my headset everyday for the majority of the day, so I consider $150 well worth it.

    My last try, then it's back to the shitty headsets.

    By the way, thank you everyone for your input. Will be noted.

    One more try, baby.
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