Thread: Well thanx bro.

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    Well thanx bro.

    Ok so i just got the new Castlevania game. Fun stuff.


    So in a part of the story, after i spend about 2 full hours platforming and doing meaningless task for a blonde who really just likes to fuck with me.

    So after a huge battle she goes "we need to rest, its night out." Which in would sort of make sense since everything tries to attack me in the day for some odd reason. Anyway, I see my character sitting there somehow sleeping sitting down, while she sleeps on some concrete block(seriously idk wuts up with the sleeping here). Honestly a sex scene was kinda iffy at the time, since my wife has supposedly died 3 days before.

    Then I dream about killing her.

    My magical cow comes in after I wake up saying "don't fall into the darkness"

    So I'm like "cool, thanx bro"

    Then he's like "well, it may already be too late."

    And apperantly i killed her. WTF

    I was still sitting there, and my knife was in her. No fucking way, I was sleeping and had a dream. Do i have unconscious telekinesis?

    So the fucking big-ass black Knight gets all pissed and i have a boss fight.

    Fine fine, i just beat the shit out of him.

    Then i build a grave and move on my way.

    Fucking cow.

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    them cows sure do love a good mindfuck

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