Fuck you gay ass teachers
go fucking kill your self !!

all of you srrsly i ant Russian !!! i dont look like one
this is like the 8th teacher said this to me that i am Russian srrsly 1st the math teacher the my gym teacher again my science teacher and i got switched out of that class and a new science teacher... guess what he thinks i am..."Russian" ... wtf man i ant Russian longest you could get of would be i look middle eastern Iraqi looking mother fucka or mexican or something..
there is no way is hell i look like a Russian... =/
i have a indian accent, you can tell...

ohh and the fucking mexican kids keep calling me erick? who the fuck is erick !! srrsly WHO THE FUCK IS ERICK !!!! then after hours of persuasion cuz they wont tell me and they cant speak English all they can say fucking "eric" i am like who? the fuck is he.... then i found out he is my old old old random fucker i knew in middle school haven't said a think to him since then.. after 5 years later they say i am his brother or something... i don't even look like the guy he looks better then me =/
so fuck you stupid meat bags !!!