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    didn't know there was a flaming rage section

    here's my original post. i didn't know where to put it so i just picked a thread in the ca hacks section. mods got mad, and long story short, i'm going to live with my auntie and uncle in bel-air.

    hey guys, sorry this is so off topic, but i just needed somewhere to bitch, and i'm only posting once, so please don't get mad.
    SO, right now, i have no job, and no computer. all i've got is a netbook. it's got a 1.6ghz single core processor, integrated graphics, and 1gb ram, so obviously no combat arms. i've been using it to get the login rewards for the past week or so, and today, to my surprise, there's a kalika case, instead of just a bandana. so i open it up, and there's an l96a1 ghillie, l85a1 camo, and m1911 silver for NINETY DAYS woot! then i realize, instead of being deposited in my inbox, to be used whenever i want, which is what anyone INTELLIGENT would have done, they've been put directly into my inventory. so now i've got some pretty good weapons, just wasting away in my inventory, and i don't even know anyone with a computer i could use, or anyone i can trust to play on my account, because i'm antisocial, and i don't come to mpgh enough. but if any good gp weapons come out for perm, i've got that covered, because i can sell back the m4 super 90 i bought, and never use, for 103k gp. but still, i'm pissed off that those weapons went into my inventory. i can't even sell them. fucking nexon, am i right? fuck you, nexon. first you nuke rez mods, now you're just fucking with my head.

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    haha that sucks bro... same for me... till i get a enw hardrive... but ugh... obviously theres a flame and rage section!!!
    YoU fIrEtRuCkIn' IdIoT!!!

    I've made way to many mistakes... >.<

    If you wish to come in contact with me, please @ mention me, or vm/pm me, or you can email
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