i purchased *** vip and they never gave me my vip!!! what do i do? i was also perm banned!!!

Dude just got his wish. A perm ban. I don't know who he thinks he is. But never will he come on here and spam and act like he did upon receiving the only answer anyone could give him.

He was banned not scammed. He got himself banned for spamming and mouthing me and other members. If ****** wants to deal with him he can. I will not be working nor helping him any further. I sent this post as a reference to ******.

We have never nor will ever scam anyone. If you use a bank account to send funds that is your fault for any wait time incurred. When it clears we get to it fairly quick.

The reason we are backed up at the moment is due to the site just coming back online after several days. The hacks needing fixed and recoded. And that is combined with site bugs and vent issues we been having along with just going through a holiday.

Waiting sucks I know but please remember this is not ******'s or any staffs life. We do have a life outside of ***. And due to bad timing and circumstances this happened. inhumangames I apologize for the delay but there is nothing we can do at this time. If ****** chooses to sort you out or refund you its his call. I have nothing more to say because you have done nothing but violate rules and flame/spam.