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    Meme Use on MPGH

    Now as I have but this one lonley post at the time of writing I am not in the excelent position to rage but here goes: Epic win, Epic fail, and butthurt. No one seems to have the first fucking clue about where they come from. Ever heard of /b/? Or *****? If so, and you have been there at least once then you have the right to use these words. If not, you should at least make the pilgramige and become one informed soul among tons of fucking dicksucks who have latched onto it both online and IRL (Yes IRL I know, Fucking twats) as the next "in thing" that they can over use into oblivion. Find the history, think before you speak. Many a lulz have been shed over that word and it would be a pity if it was in vain.

    Edit: Holy fuckwads, ***** is censored!

    Edit 2: Great, you also use the meme dividing by zero, hope you know where THAT comes from.
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