Here is just random things i noticed today that were just..stupid.

1. Terra nova: "I don't have any money i just got here" "well in that case i'll take 10 off" Dude, he doesn't have any money, he just said that. The guy obviously doesn't know how to be a parent, he left for ONE year, cmon now. THey don't even sound married.

2. Battlefield 3: Prone ppl, and me running right past them or slaughtering enemy prones. Prones = headshot. Entire squads of people proned and aiming and i just go halo-style and SPRAAAAAAAAAAAY while running = win.

3. Driving from school: Lemme just switch lanes to try and pass you OMG THAT GUY IS GOING SLOW BREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK.(other driver not me). I'm just laughing my ass off cus he sped up so fast and then slammed his breaks and the light was already red.

4. A++ class: Falling asleep all class and i realize i could have just skipped.(omg that class is boring).

5: Cisco class: OMFG STUPID PACKET TRACER STOP GLICHING. I spent an hour trying to figure out what i did wrong, only to realize it was packet tracer was the thing that was wrong.(Packet tracer is a router program). Goddamn it.

6. ATT: Stupid internet.