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    Response to Closed Report Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Medic View Post
    ARE YOU SERIOUS KID? You ask about getting CA VIP and yet you post this kind of crap? If it was up to me you'd be ip banned.
    Do I really care? no. I hack yes, and I want VIP hacks. But when I'm trying to level up in Fireteam, or I'm pissed off at getting OPK'd multiple times, and all that other bs, I will report. I don't see the reason in getting "IP Banned" for that. Like you said. They don't care, and they just make new accounts, and I just reset them so they can't get into higher ranked games (Bravo) easily because they have to start over, for a temporary period. I hack, I get banned, I make a new account, but not on my main. I want VIP for an alt, to see how far i can get in a month. You guys say no one cares? Why make a big deal out of it? This is the flaming section, I post my report list in a rage of how they messed up my games, and you rage at me ,but then state that I should be banned?

    Yes I'm very hypocritical about hacking. I hack myself, SOMETIMES, and I report people for hacking, if they continue to do it excessively where it puts me at a loss of profit (my Nx... i spent Nx on EXP passes, for instance, and someone OPKs in fireteam so i get almost nothing, wasting the pass) so I would report them.

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    That's neat.

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