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    Angry Selfish cunt.

    So, sports day is coming up and i want to do 100M Relay for my House (a bit like Harry Potter style) [and Long Jump - but that's irrelevant] and then this fucking selfish cunt comes in and thinks that he's the boss of the team sheets and names all the people who arn't even that fast and just play football (soccer) with him.

    Then i told him that last year [well, the last time i ran] that we won by about a few meters and he denied it and he's only comeback was "But you're slow" - blatantly not... i mean, he's a lazy shit, when we play football (soccer) all he fucking does is wait for the ball ~ while i'm like Ji Sung Park [it's the only comparison i could make] where I constantly run. He bigs him self up in EVERY single sport when he sucks. We play rounders (kinda like Baseball in the US) and he just hogs being the bowler... (the person who throws the ball at the batter) - what a fucking cunt.

    Also, another thing, he's also doing the fucking 200m. and others too! So how the fuck is it fair if he does like 5 events (inc. field events) when I do 1.
    Yet again, he comes up with another shitty comeback with "And."

    I absolutely HATE selfish cunts.

    Sorry if this sounds like a pussy issue. I'm just fucking fuming at this time of the post.
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