GOD MY COMP BROKE 6 TIMES WARRANTY NEEDS 3 TIMES FOR REPLACE BUT NOOOOOO they wanted 3 MAJOR TIMES! (major being replace disk and eevrything) So it was a laptoop and they gave me a loaner. the thing as soon as i log in its at 100% CPU!!!! WHAT? system idle being near 0! so they fixed it... When i got it back it had nothing... absolutely nothing, not even system restore would get it... they gave me a new retore disk and it gives u internet and folders thats it... NO WIRELESS INTERNET! THEY JACKED MY WIRELESS INTERNET! I GOT THE COMP WITHOUT INTERNET OR ANYTHING! i took it back and they installed wireless... took a whole day cuz there were OTHER PPL! just goes to show that you cant trust warranties and you gota read them over.

When life gives you lemons you throw them at people
yes i know my KD is screwed

[X] Get 10 posts
[] get 50 posts
[] Get 1.0kd
[] Get 100k
[]get 100 posts
[X]Get killed while out of map
[X] get out of map
[]Get thanked