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    Gahh, Stupid Microsoft ._.

    This is the second time one of my email addresses has gotten 'temporarily banned'.
    The first time it was with my second one which I do hardly use but I needed it for XBL and the xbox wouldn't let me sign into live... so I had to make a new xbl account. It would send the security code to my phone for the banned email address, I would use it, try to log on and instantly another 'temporary ban'.

    So there goes that email address.... but now my main one is doing it to and I bet it's all the spam mail! STUPID ******S!! -.-

    So I had to make a NEW email to send a security code for this address D: and it could take 24 hours!

    Does anyone know how to stop getting spam mail from ******s? I can't unsubscribe and I don't know what to do >.<

    So angry D:

    EDIT: Astrick words aren't swear words o_o Didn't know I can't say what starts with S and ends with Y e_e
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