ok guys i have been away a while but im back todauys topic dumbasses on crossfire lets see where to begin >

1. getting called hack cuase watching screen for bhop fails or ghost stoping point ill explain this one

2. noob fu..cking sprayers

ok explainig first one im lucky either moniter or brightness i can sometimes see ghost only bye an outline dont ask why not really sure but most time its only when im aleast 5 feet or closer to a ghost and not always there or i may see a failed bhop i know alot players can do a decent bhop but there are those who fail and ive killed alot of those that fail but when i do i get called hak kicked out cuase some dumb fuck on my team believes them

and number two i was just on and in one game had some dumbass with first an ak spraying like hell i use sight and sound spot ghost but this dumb fuck kept spraying even used a gatlin gun spaying lucky rest team agreed he got kicked whent into another channel and another ghost game some as i joined a room full of fucking noob spayers i swear man cant get into a good game anymore without shit like this happning