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    here is a ca story

    pwnermg the enemy has made it to junk flea get up noob
    noob:fuck u nigga ur the pwner u go fight the enemy all im gonna do is keep on dying
    pwner:no nigga i got ur back u good my nigga
    noobsees pwner go on opposite side) wat the fuck nigga u bitch why u go on the enemy side
    pwner:no wonder ur a noob fucking idiot
    noob:well o well i have bad kdr any way imma take a shit and leave on the game free kills pwner
    pwner:wat a jackass if he actually tryied shooting or got a mouse and keyboard(dont noe how he got in the gam witout those but he nigger so.....)
    noob:i came back from my shti and o black peps can read ur mind i might just try trying next round
    pwner:fuck u make black peps look stupid u try ak=lot already u just sux
    blackpwner:fuck u say boi u talking bout black peps r stupid taste my shottie noob heheheheheh pwn
    real hacker:who the fuck u calling a hacker imma report u (lol im the real hacker heheheheheh im dumb heheheheh)
    blackpwner: real hacker even with ur hacks i shottie noob u lol noobs lol noobs heheheheheheheheh
    blackpwner: wins woot wins i win lets do firebeam
    pwner:fuck my head is on fire from the firebeam
    blackpwner:lol srry typo i meant fireteam (dumb white noob lol)
    thank me and ill write he rest (dumb noobs might actually thank me lol) just kidding but seriously

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    Are you the noob in that story?

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