Well more of bitch. Lets lay out the story

I work in Switzerland, my french isnt that good, and they hired me knowing that. Week ago, I get told that Im being transferred to the less-busy park to get more training on my French lesson for the clients. First day I arrive, my third day is blanked out. And after that, I notice there is no locker for me to put my stuff in. Kind of strange, I shrug it off.

Then whenever I see her,she gives me this damn dirty look despite however polite I am, and on that first day, I deal with 4 English speaking camp groups and one french group.

Day two comes, mostly french, but I handle it, and to make sure I was understood, I ask questions and the kids answer every one of them correct. Looks like they understood me! Nice! Guess I am going to keep this job. Not to mention I see the owner of the park that morning, and he says hello, how are you, and says nothing about me leaving or staying.

Then comes 30 minutes before the place closes, and she pulls me into the office. Tells me the owner heard me the first day, and said it wasnt sufficient. And THEN, tells me he wanted to be able to tell me, but he wasnt able to come to the park all day. Hmmm, I saw him this morning. WHAT

Then it alll comes together. They never meant to keep me in the first place. They strung me along on the premise I could keep my job to get some work out of me. $$#Y*@$^*$#^&^@&(@&^

But the pay was good, and Im going to try to beg for my job back tomorrow. Yay for me? Maybe they will reconsider as after my friend quits there too, they will have NO English speakers working at that park. I was the best English speaker for them, and my friend is second best. Sucks for them if they dont take me back