Ive got a plan !!!!11one1!!1
We gonna steal batmans batmobile and gonna tune it to batmans batSUV
then we engage solid snake to kill the jonas f4gs quickly and silent
me and Sharpe are driving with the batSUV to disneyland paris and drop chris redfield there !!!! after that we are driving with sam fischer to david hasselhoff to use our argue skillz to get his knightrider car "kid" . we let sam fischer take care of david hasselhoff . after that we pick up the power rangers and use "kids" superboost to jump over sum walt disney resorts and let 1 power ranger at each to handle the situation ! after that , m3 is going to launch his nuke and send it right into the walt disney main building and bam , we r teh winz!!!!!!

doesnt that sound good ?