Oh my God! I have been trying to hack this games by any ways , tried to use Reverse Engineering on it , tried cheat engine on it , tried everything but everything to hack it.. Nothing worked.. I am so f***ing angry.. Whenever I try to search some values , some other values show up and when I waste the money I got , and then I try to filter the values for the ones I need , they all dissapear!!! I would really want to know what's going on , to use Reverse Engineering and Olly DBG I have to find the addresses first , which is very hard.. Does anybody know how to get the addresses with other programs or something else? I am new into hacking and I would like to see how they work , on this simple looking game , but it's really hard to hack it Also can you share other methods? Since it's a flash player game , a web browser game , it seems very very hard to hack it. Please I really need your help , Nobody has ever tried to hack that game or even make a simple C++ program..