Alright so I'm 16 (not tht fking old)

but i came to the realization whilst I was at school, kids who are just a couple grades below me would have been born in the 2000's I was kinda happy being born in 1997 I feel kinda old seeing at the next thousand years i'd be like classified as a (hell fking old guy)

"Yer mate born in 1997"

"Oh cool grandad I was born 2042!"

Lol doesn't that just be like a mind fuck anyway


It's just a phrase people who are older than 12 say when usually younger generation try to join in with (older activities) it's annoying just because a bunch of immature bitches rock up to like my crew and talk shit and I remember being like intimidated by my peers and thinking it's actually something to earn reputation with the older generation which it is and I've got allot of older mates who are hell chill...

anyway doesn't anyone else h8 twelvies or is it just like Australians