Well i'm guessing most of you have played halo 3. Now i did when it first came out then went to CoD4 because it was more fun at the time. Now i went over to my friends house for his last days here(goin to college) and he wanted to play halo with me(cus he sucks). So I start the game and I'm like ok just remember how you used to play and the other halo's and you'll be fine.

Cept halo 3 is the fucking stupidest fps ever.

I'll just make a list of why i mainly hate halo 3 over the other halo's (keep in mind i already played it when it came out and it was decent, now however.......)

1. First off is the beat-downs. Not only do you practically fly at the person you beat down but you have a 50-50 chance of living after. Yeah thats right, apperantly with the new patch they put on you can "suicide beatdown." At first i thought it was connection so i was think eh its just lag but then me and my friend tried it: It takes about 10-15 seconds to kill someone in medium range with a rifle. Now my friend and i started running straight towards each other shooting, except i shot 4 seconds after he started. The result was we both died. We hit each other in the exact time but it still killed us both even though he shot a lot sooner. My point, you may both die even if you completely raped him.

2. The social playlist(the one's with splitscreen) are fucking repetitive. In social slayer, if you veto a map without "Team BR" then you get "Team BR". I don't understand why team BR is every other map, but it is. No joke, veto a map without it and you get it, every time.

3. You can die in the most stupid ways ever. I mean, sometimes you can just spontaniously combust. No joke i've died in the beggining of the match from just standing there. If a cone hits your from an explosion, it will kill you. Look on youtube its there.

4. Grenades. Now i got no problem with people spamming grenades. That is fine with me. But unlike the halo 3 i played before the patch, nades are about as powerful as a bullet. You can take a nade, throw it at someones foot, have them stand there, and he won't lose his shields. Now besides the fact that in halo3 the grenades are more bouncier than ever, the skill/luck it takes to get one close to a person is considerable, but not rewarding with the little dmg it will do.

5. The shotgun. Halo3 has now provided it as the most useless gun in the game besides the pistol(but hey its a pistol). The shotgun is utterly pointless. The only way to kill someone with it is to go right next to them and shoot it(were talking less than 5 feet). Now halo 2 had excellent shotgun play, near unbeatable. Halo 3 on the other hand, just leaves the shotgun for camping, a thing that you could kill someone with the pistol just as easy.

6. The amount of time it takes to kill someone. This is halo 3's greatest flaw. The shields are buffed up from the halo 2 version giving the player a few seconds more of life. The amount of time it takes to kill someone without a beat-down with a regular weapon is pretty long, leaving for huge chances of them hiding/charging shields. Now this was an issue in halo 2 as well, but not so much. Now it takes me just as much bullets to kill a person without shields as it does to take down the shields. Unless you have a sword, sniper, or laser you have to take at least 5 seconds to kill a person even if you shoot only their head.

7. Matching. This has got to be the most brutal flaw in the game. If your starting out, yeah obviously your gonna be paired with someone higher, or a team full of nubs. But when your getting rank, be prepared. Unless you have a team of four in your party, your fucked. I played about 50 games in the last two days where me and my friend got the best k/d, but we lose. Your team mates are either good, or god awful. This is usual in most fps, but halo has a party choice to choose the closest rank. Here i am high ranking, and i'm paired up with complete noobs, low ranking ppl, against a team all full of ppl higher ranked than me.(basically the noobs got slaughtered).

8. Maps. Besides the fact that you have to buy some maps(an extended price on the game) before you can play some game types, the maps in halo3 are shit. I like vallhalla and thats about it. All the other maps suck unless you spend lots of time in forge making stuff. I loved blood gulch, i loved blood gulch 2, i fucking hate every map in halo 3. The maps suck, they have no real "aw i love that map" feeling, and they basically make it fucking hard to drive the vehicles. I mean you have sandtrap and.......thats about it. Tons of fucking rocks and trees. Now besides this, some of the maps took off the wraith and tank with the patch. That in itself is stupid, but then they add a ton of mongoose, I don't know about you, but basically if you were ever trying to win a TDM, you'd never take the mongoose. The thing goes just barely faster than running and gives you a huge target to shoot at.(If they were going for realism, a four weeler is like 4x the speed of a mongoose, and they are in the future)

I personally don't see how anyone can play halo for an extended period of time anymore. It just feels like i'm playing a fucked up game of halo 2 with better graphics.