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    Why! Oh, why!

    Why the fuck did i have to be born in a place where ignorance is mainly located in technology.

    No, don't fucking click the big green download button.

    No, shut up and listen to me for a DAMNED SECOND! Do you want that FUCKING ADWARE off your computer? Then let me at LEAST boot into safe mode. No, i am not hacking it. No, i am not going to make it explode. Holy fuck. Was it is with you and relating everything with bad. Great. I know more than the average folk in school about tech. No, that won't mean i'll hack your grades. No, i don't give a single fuck about your sudden friendship. I won't "Hack my ex's facebook because he/she might be saying naughty things at me and i sure don't want to mess around with their settings and everything". No, i haven't hacked a FUCKING bank. GET OVER IT. I CAN DO SHIT YOU CAN'T.


    What's that?

    You've spent god knows how much money in some stupid device you could of simply asked me about and i would of got you the equivalent for half the bucks? Can i just embed that new Alienware of yours in your head?

    What's that now. I'm a sexual predator because i watch anime and you came in the room for that one ecchi scene?

    Can't you just leave me alone for a single minute or two? You know, sometimes seclusion is interesting, if it's to get away from twats.

    *Breathes deeply* i believe that is it.

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    We should make sweet babies because you just posted my feelings.

    Plastic nee-san... ftw.

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