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    Hello im Nick (not posting last name cuz my son will look at some posts of mine but ill try to be funny tho) ok see i get no respect what ever im called by my last name only its like sam zohan for instance ppl say hello zohan and then i space out thinking what i should do

    so once i was disrespected i spaced out and thought hmm should i shoot him then rip his heart out or should i go grap a minimi and fire at him

    come to find out i was acting while i was spaced out i was like HOW DARE YOU DISRESECT ME YOUR LIKE THOSE DAMN CARTOONS THESE DAYS NO CHARETERISTICS

    Come to find out he said hay man im sorry i know how you feel those mother fucking cartoons and he said "we should hang out more" i was like ok so then he said he said there awful
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