Be very cautious of where you buy your "Apple iPhone" products on the internet, like for an example: EBAY

Which is Fake & Real ?, can you tell the difference ?

Well the right one is real

Do Not Buy Electronics From: China, Japan, India, Asia or Korea for that matter, just be very careful because you don't want to be ripped off if you know what I mean, I personally have not been jipped but I do feel for the ones out there that spend $100's of dollars and they expect the real deal but they get a copyrighted electronic product instead, always do your research and please if your going to buy electronics online don't buy from Ebay unless your weary about the situation and personal feedback they receive but that isn't always the case with Ebay, some users have great 100% percent feedback as it states in "TechRax's" video, don't be gullible and expect it's the truth.

Buy from retailers like "Walmart, Target, The Source, Radioshack, Best Buy, K-Mart" anywhere local in your city/country, be cautious of kiosks that sell used cellphones or sell brand new ones because chances are it might or might not be real, just like those perfume shops on New York City Square, it's all "FAKE", lol, $25.00 for a bottle of #5 Chanel ?, come on, you buy those for $50.00 to $80.00 at an expensive well known perfume shop, so think about this post and research your products/clothing/electronics etc....lol, they even have knockoff "CONDOMS" can you believe it ?