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    Don't You love it when a Payment system screws you over.

    So I recently bought myself an Xbone(For all your PC Fegs I have a Gaming PC GTFO!) and Microsoft REALLY had to screw me over on this one.

    I payed via paypal because buyer protection is bliss and because it's Paypal. So I set the payment as Paypal while I'm making my order and when I finally placed the order, my DEBIT visa gets charged INSTEAD of my actual VISA CARD.

    MOMENTS before I made the order, I made sure that my DEFAULT funding method came from my VISA card. And you know what. PP/Microsoft STILL FKED me over and REFUSED to cancel an order right after I placed it. What a fucking coincidence. This isn't the first time it's happened to me.

    Well It was still a pending payment and I called paypal right afterwords and they told me to call Microsoft.

    5 minutes later on the phone with a Microsoft sales representative after having to verify myself I get told, "Sorry sir, but unfortunately we CANNOT cancel your order at this time. Your best bet at getting a refund for this is REFUSING the package when it comes to your house". At this point I was really, REALLY confused. Since when the hell couldn't you cancel an order right after placing it? Until I came to the conclusion, It's MICROSOFT.

    So I'm $400ish negative and I didn't have the money yet because I get my paycheque later on in the week and extremely pissed at Microsoft.

    So I made another order using the RIGHT payment option this time God bless me. And now I have to ship the first Fked up order back.

    TD : DR
    If you're buying from the Microsoft store, don't pay using Paypal. Because more than likely if you have more than one funding source PP will choose to get the funds using the Rolling the dice method.

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    I had a similar situation with PayPal many years ago, what resolved it was a letter sent to my attorney General. with paypal, and the seller CC'd including the bank (As i received over $150 in over limit fees ect)

    Got my money back, zero fees. and an apology from paypal

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