I am looking for a Major General, Lieutenant General, General, or General of the Army account with some weapons Mastered or to a point of being close to mastered, I am willing to pay a hefty amount for this account (in pay-pal USD but I can convert to your currency) I have other interests in the account but we can speak further, if you are interested in selling an account please make a reply and I can send you my Skype of which we can share messages and I may possibly purchase your account.

I would also like to know what you have unlocked and if you have any Gold Box 999 weapons or any "rare" weapons of which I would have to pay more for, some weapons I am interested in that I would pay a bit more for are the new achievement money bag melee weapon you receive from the running man game-mode, any mastered weapons, and or any golden box 999 weapons, I will also pay extra if you have BSC on the account depending upon how much you have will depend upon how much extra I will be willing to pay. In addition i'd like to see what you think the account is worth and if we can try and either lower or raise the price depending upon where our conversation may lead. I have done transactions in the past on games such as, "SkyForge (RPG MMO) WarFace (FPS MMO) Counter Strike : Global Offensive (FPS) and World of Warcraft (MMO)" all the games listed were bought and sold on this platform along with other sites I will not be listing as I do not want to give any credit to any sites that are not related to MPGH.

Note: The account has to be for BlackShot Global, any scammers will be reported and banned from MPGH and I will get an immediate charge-back on PayPal leaving you with nothing,
-- Some main concerns are how we will do a password transfer and if you could post some form of screenshots to give any form of proof the account is legitimate, other then that have a nice day and have fun selling or buying a BlackShot account!