Most important rule, you mus POST a screenshot of the account you're selling/trading.
If your thread doesn't include any screenshot to prove you own the account, your thread will be deleted.


-Posting at someone's thread saying he's scammer isn't allowed.
-"Spamming" isn't allowed.
-Bumping your thread is allowed ONLY every 24 hours.
-Stealing customers from thread isn't allowed.*
-You MUST post screenshot(s) or your thread will be deleted.*


There are currently Two official MMs for this website.
Do not trust anybody to help you do a trade besides these select few. If you choose to conduct a trade without one, MPGH will not be held responsible.

Visit the Middleman Lounge to book a MPGH Official Middleman Service for free!
If you'd like to credit an official middleman, you can do so here: Who helped you MM?
And lastly, if you'd like to report someone for scamming you, you can do so here: Scammer Grave

Current MM's:



To PM him, click on this link: Link



To PM him, click on this link: Link

MM's is a FREE service, they don't want money to do their job.