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    Can't find private server

    Can someone please tell me where i can get plusops?
    I'm looking for a private server for BO II And MW2 if someone can help me then it would be greatly appreciated

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    since plus ops is basically brand new private servers won't be up for a while also Black ops 2 there isnt no privately owned servers it is routed from how you play with other people.

    1 start zambies go into play online and then search for wait for other users let the zombies game start up.
    2 then ask them if they would like to play multiplayer go to multiplayer then custom games and invite them to your game make sure the timezone setting is on Pacific timezone.
    3 once they are connected to you start the game
    ^this is only for plusops 2 or black ops 2
    Modern warfare 2 i don't really know to much about it but i can guess it is the same way as of right now and to save you from having to use google
    the plus ops home page is

    My plus ops name is Nessun i hope this helped you also the guys from teknogods are also working on a crack/mp for black ops 2 so just wait it out if you can't figure out plusops.

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