ESET's Nod32 has an excellent virus detection rateearning the VB100% in all eight of its most recent Windows test. Thissoftware has a number of practical features to help you monitor yourcomputer's security including outbreak notices and history/reportlogging. This antivirus software wins our "TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award"and would have placed higher if it were a bit more novice friendly. Thesoftware uses some technical terms in the interface and other areas ofthe product. Novices may find the higher-ranked products easier to use.

Ease of Use:

We found the Control Center layout and modules a little bit confusing. The
terminology is very technical; however, a techie would love the
customization abilities and scanning power of Nod32.


The most important function of antivirus software is to detect and block
viruses, and Nod32 does an excellent job. This software received the
VB100% award in June 2007, was certified by ICSA in 2007 and passed the
level 1 & 2 Checkmark from West Coast Labs.


NOD32 claims that they detected and blocked big-gun viruses like CIH,
Melissa, LoveLetter long before the competition. The team in the ESET
virus lab is extremely fast and good at analyzing viruses and releasing
blocks and fixes. Nod32 updates virus definitions "As Needed."

Feature Set:

Nod32 is designed for more advanced users with plenty of customization
features. Nevertheless we wouldn't discourage the average home user
from using this product-it just may take some time to learn everything.

Nod32 has two different ways to run the program. You can run a simple Nod32
scan or you can spend more time using the control center. Within the
control center you can have access to tons of customiztion feature and
differnet types of scans-DMON, IMON, EMON and more. Here is an overview
of the different scans:
  • AMON - the resident (running in
    operating memory at all times) or "on-access" antivirus monitor. This
    program is the most crucial antivirus defense tool.
  • NOD32 (also
    referred to as the "on-demand" scanner) - this is the scanner executed
    manually by the user, or automatically by the scheduler.
  • IMON -
    this scanner provides the first line of defense by monitoring Internet
    traffic (SMTP, ftp, http and other Winsock protocols).
  • EMON - the Nod32 Mail Scanner provides protection from email-borne viruses.
  • DMON - scans Microsoft office documents and files directly downloaded from Internet Explorerer.

Ease of Installation:

The installation process allows you to do a typical installation, some
customization or an advanced install that gives you control over all
the default functions. We didn't have any problems with the
installation process.


The program offers helpful documentation in the form of manuals and FAQs.
The email support is excellent and they responded to our email within
30 minutes. However, the manufacturer doesn't have any type of phone


Nod32 is a first-rate antivirus program that offers several levels of
superior protection. However, the product is somewhat hard to
understand because of the technical jargon and wouldn't be our first
choice for the average home user.