I formated my pc some days ago, and when the directx was updating, there was some fucking problem. I have the pc full of my stuff, and all the progs and games installed, and I really don't want to install everything again... The problem is that some games don't work because they don't recognise the directx. I searched for some tuts on the net, I found some, that said to erase the registries of directx from my pc, I erased, as was said, and then I installed again the directx and put the registries for the new version, because when I was seeing the version of directx, there was no version... But I still have the same problem, I get errors because of directx, errors that I had never got.

I know my post is a little confused, but I know that there some pros in computers here, so, if you could help me, I would be very thankful.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my crap english.