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    Building a New Computer !

    Hey everyone!

    I'm looking to build a new computer I currently use a ASUS G75VW "Gaming" Laptop I put the ""'s on gaming as it's shitty as bricks. Anyways I have never built a computer in my life and I was floating around in the 'Computer Builds and Upgrades' Section. I am still struggling to figure out a good PC Build to go with.

    Some information about me and my needs:
    1. I'm from Canadia Land
    2. Budget is around $1500 CAD
    3. I play all types of games from The Culling to League of Legends to Dark Souls 3 and I want to play games coming out e.g. No Man's Sky.

    I'd really appreciate the help from you guys as I'm sure there are some seasoned veterans in PC Building and I would love your help!

    REQUEST TO BE CLOSED: Posting this elsewhere 'Computer Builds and Upgrades'
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