'm having this problem with my Laptop Leveno Y510P

Everytime a random applications opens like for a default program it would be like google chrome. Then my taskbar would freeze and I am unable to click anything. To unfreeze it I would ctrl+alt+delete then press cancle or back button to do it.

To help remove the problem I tried factory reset and the problem followed me there to my new reset. The I upgraded to windows 10 and 3 days later I just got the problem..

Here is an example of the problem before I upgraded:

My search would freeze and stuff like that.

I am sure this is some memory problem with my PC.

Other info:
It causes on browser to always go back a page if there is one

Info on what the problem may be:

When I factory reset I got a message where you would have to chose the default program
When you would choose an application it would just affect that and open up all the time..
When you would Uninstall the program it would just go to another available one.

If you would uninstall all programs it would affect or just remove the executable for the program affected it would just leave with taskbar freezing and the browser problem.