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    Updating BIOS Made Sound not work (disabled)

    hello after updating my BIOS from the MSI live i restarted my Computer and now all my icons look weird and small and on top of that i have no sound... And now i can't even do a restore because it's not finding any " points to restore " I have went into the BIOS to make sure the sound was enabled and it was then i restarted my computer and nothing happened.

    So after that i went back into the MSI live and updated my realtek sound drivers restarted my computer and still no sound is coming in... i have a little ( X ) mark near my sound and when clicking on it i get the error : Audio device is disabled but i have my gaming headset jacks in the front of my PC any idea on how to solve this?
    i have did a rollback on the audio device and it's still not working

    Specs: Motherboard A58M-E35 RealTek
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