Quite a while ago i downloaded "Windows Vista Home Premium" for my computer of the internet, and of course it was a cracked version.

Since then i get errors with my USB connections and sht like that, example, i cant connect a printer to my pc because it cant locate the orinter when it is plugged into my computer, even when it is installed.

Another Example is i got sony vegas pro 9.0c, and when it is on its loading screen i get an error saying something close to "Twain manager can not be inizialized, Twain_32.dll may be corrupt" i went to the sony help and i talked to a staff member who told me that Twain is associated with the usb drives, which is why i thing that this is a reason for constantly encountering errors for installing something plugged into a USB drive of my computer.

So my question is, is there any way to fix my Twain errors and usb connections?

BTW it is not a problem with the usb drives or ports (watever u call them) it is a problem with the software for them on my computer