Okay, well currently I'm writing this thread from my Wii, just so you know.
Yesterday I was cleaning my computer, I was defragging it and cleaning etc;etc;etc;. Then I played Operation 7 which I just downloaded. Not to mention deleted every other Restore Point before this weeks.

When I usually login to my computer, it shows the stats for a split second, then shows the blinking _ and after that is says, invalid boot.ini file but then it works smooth (It's done that for like 5 months, and i never had problems)
My computer is a home-made computer made by my brother, and he's not home right now, so I just wanted to know what happened so I can make up my Lie Story ahead of time.

So I finished playing Operation 7, and turned off my computer. I unplugged EVERYTHING, with the Power Cord last, then turned off the extension cord. I found some Qtips in my bathroom and brought them to my computer.
I then took Static Guard and sprayed my clothes and the carpet that was next to me, etc;.
From there I flipped my PC on it's side, and took the Qtips to clean out the fan which was filled with dust.
I accidentally unplugged the HDD cord, but immediately plugged it back in. I clipped off my PC Fan and brushed it out with a clean dry paper towel.
I then blew out the dust from inside the computer, and cleaned it out.

I plugged everything back in the way I unplugged them, starting with my Mouse+Keyboard, then USB Connections, then LAN Connection, then VGA, and lastly Power cable. I pulled my headphones out of my computer way before I turned it off btw.

Any help at all?
The major things i've done are:
Clean computer Hard Drive wise.
Clean computer dust wise
Accidentally unplugged HDD
Unclipped PC Fan, but reclipped it in the same way I unclipped it.

I don't see what I did wrong,
Is it because the boot.ini file is missing?
Please help me, I have important school work due tomorrow in it.....