Hey everyone, i need your help urgently please! :O

Alrite first up the story is:
I had a Sony Vaio laptop, with vista home premium 32bit, which worked fine until my brother cracked the screen. So atm the screen has a giant crack runnign through it, and 80% of it is fkced up, but on the left side, about 20% works so i can see theere. and im only 14 atm, so i cant really afford new monitors,LCD's etc.
Im pretty smart with this stuff. So i asked for my cousins old ViewSonica VA721 monitor which he wasnt using and it worked fine, i plugged it in the VGA adaptor thingo on the side and worked perfectly.
Up until months ago, i decided to upgrade to win 7 and after the upgrade, the viewsonic monitor wasnt getting detected... and i was clue-less as to why. So naturally, i assumed it was Win7 and so i downgraded back to Vista Ultimate. But that still didnt work... and all it did was make my wireless thing not work.... T_T

So then i gave up, until yesterday being Anzac day here, i had a long weekend so i decided to take it all apart, my entire laptop, and that went fine, though i found the hard-drive which i decided to make use of and i plugged it to my pc using a adaptor from a portable hard-drive i had and i found all my old files from before both of the re-formats. i was happy.

After playing around for a while i decided to try and install a fresh, Vista home premium 32bit(same as orignally on laptop) and tried to work it ... no luck...

Then i went to google as always and read about something caleld PCWizard which indentifies all the stuff on your PC and Under Display-Monitors it said View Sonic , and had all the spec's on it. But still it wouldnt connect or show up on Windows Mobility center and on the display thing under control panel... so i am now asking you all of mpgh to help me please! ...

Please I beg you all to help me..... thank you