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    Friggin' installers

    So I got both F1 2010 and Dead Rising 2 illegally and came across this really, really annoying issue.. so those both games are using some kind of modern new installer... I get past the product key thing by entering random key and then it starts showing "Windows is configurating GameName" (replace GameName with F1 2010 or Dead Rising 2) and then it gets stuck there forever. No matter how many times I retry. I tried both autorun.exe and setup.exe, I even tried game.msi, but game.msi has different installer and it also gets stuck at some kind of configurating part. Anyone has any ideas wtf is wrong with this stuff?

    EDIT: Close the topic please, I found the solution. It turns out that you need to install it with game.msi (I actually tried it, but was so impatient that I didn't realize that it takes around 10-20 minutes for it to update the components etc. so I turned it off before it started installing the game...)
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