here's the link for the registration page of ro2 english ro2 client site.
EuphRO2 - Unreal Portal
1. register in the forum
2. download The (chiillis client), once registered in the forum.
3. download the (chillis client) in the downloads section of the forum.
4. install ro2
5. run ro2
6. at login screen type the following if you want to create a male or female username. misticman_m for male Misticwoman_F for female
7.use a password and type it in password section.
8. login
9. choose character hair style, weapon , and weapon name.
10. select server which in you wnat to play.
11. you will se short clip of ro2 introduction
12. after seing clip click start game after hilinghting chracter.
13. follow the blue arrows on the floor when arriving at main poratl labyrinth.
14. and thats all you need to do. to play ro2

!!!Hint!!! the leveling in ro2 is done by doing jobs and killng monsters.

and have a good time in adventure and pawning rock on