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    Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding.

    I have searched on google for some fixes for this problem, and have had no success. There seems to be some pretty educated gamers here, so I figured why not ask?

    I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 275, updated to the latest driver (285.79) and whenever I play games such as MW3, MW2, Skyrim etc... I can play for a little while, and then the screen flickers black for a few seconds, then recovers. When I check my event log, it shows the error in the thread topic. Sometimes I can play a few rounds in a row and have no problems, and sometimes I can get this screen flicker 10+ times in a single round. If anyone has ever had this problem and found a fix, please, help me out. It's getting so frustrating and I want to purchase Battlefield 3 in the next few days, but I want to play it smoothly.


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    It's a generic crash of the driver, can't really help you without more details. Your best bet would be posting on the Nvidia forums or reverting the the last working driver (make sure to make a fresh install - there is an option to remove all previously saved settings etc.). I've had such crashes in the past, mostly when using beta drivers. In the end it came down to simply reverting to the stable drivers, though both my work PC (GTX 560 Ti w/ 285.62) and my gaming one (GTX 480s w/ 285.79) work just fine. I've played Skyrim on both, haven't played MW2, MW3 or BF3 since I updated my drivers though.
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