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    Early GTX 660Ti review. Is as fast (sometimes faster) than a 7950. Price point might be mid-$200s
    NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 660 Ti 2GB Reference Video Card Review :: TweakTown USA Edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by S|W|P View Post
    Ooh well I'm going to upgrade my pc
    to this
    AMD Athlon II x4 2,8GHZ
    RAM 8GB
    Radeon HD 6870
    And a 650WATT well I cant find its name lol you probally know what I mean

    Is it good couse I can't aford a I5 those are so fucking expensive
    I wouldn't get that machine. Look into an Intel G640 or G850 with a cheap H61 or H77 motherboard. Everything else can stay the same.

    650w isn't necessary with that build. A 550w-600w should be more than enough.
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