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    Exclamation Windows XP Software Bundle Pack V1.0 (A Must Have)

    Windows XP Software Bundle Pack V1.0


    This Software Bundle Pack is not Just for windows XP users, It was just put together and tested on a XP machine, most if not all programs in this can be used on any windows.

    All the programs in this Bundle pack are 100% free, they are mostly freewares and sharewares. They are all the full versions or at least none of them are a trial.

    +++ = A must have software, has best features, is very useful, everyone should have on there computers.

    ++ = Still a very good software but may not be installed by everyone because they wouldn't need it.

    + = Good software and should not be overlooked but may be lacking in features, or it just doesn't need to be used by everyone.

    There isn't a single software in this bundle pack that isn't useful in some way. I put this bundle pack together by thinking of others and made sure to put only the best of the best into this, if you want to be a computer support tech this bundle pack is a must have. Ive been working with computers most of my life and in all my experience and with me being in college to get my Computer Support Tech Degree, I am very organized when it comes to setups and programs that I use on the computer. And over the years I have just collected softwares from all over and with me working on computers all the time and helping others with theres I figured making a bundle pack like this would help people big time. I hope this bundle pack has helped you in some way. This is by fare my biggest Bundle Pack release, but it is not my only one. Check out my Game Hacking Bundle Pack here: https://www.***********.net/forums/

    If you know of any real good softwares that are free that can be publicly released like the ones in this bundle pack, let me know and ill check them out and if i think there useful enough ill add them to the bundle pack.

    What is all Included in this download:

    131 Programs

    Audio & Video Software

    -Audio & Video Management:
    +++Combined Community Pack With Zoom Player (Allows Play Of Most Audio & Video) Highly Recommend Installing
    +++iTunes (Audio & Video Player) Recommend Installing

    +++iDump (Export Songs From An IPod To Your PC)
    +++Volumescroller (Change Volume With Keyboard) Recommend Installing
    ++FastVulume (Change Volume With Keyboard)
    ++Ipod Video Converter (Convert Movies For Ipod Use)

    -MP3 Search Tools:
    ++2 Find MP3 (MP3 Downloader)
    +JOC MP3 Finder (MP3 Downloader)

    Security & Spyware

    -Adware & Spyware Removal:
    +++Ad-Aware (Anti-Spyware Removel) Highly Recommend Installing
    +++EndTask Pro (Advance Task Manager) Recommend Installing
    +++Spy Cleaner Gold (Spyware Protector) Recommend Installing
    +++Spybot (Anti-Spyware Remover) Recommend Installing
    +++SpywareBlaster (Anti-Spyware protecter) Recommend Installing
    +++Zone Alarm (Advance Firewall) Highly Recommend Installing
    ++Advanced Spyware Remover (Anti-Spyware Tool)
    ++AVG Anti-Virus (Anti-Virus Protection) Recommend Installing
    ++GoGoData Toolbar (Advance Security Toolbar)
    ++SpyCatcher Express (Anti-Spyware Firewall)
    ++SUPERAntiSpyware (Anti-Spyware Tool)
    +A-squared (Anti-Spyware Tool)

    -Pop-Up Blockers:
    ++Pop-Up Stopper (Pop-up Blocker)

    -Security & Encryption:
    ++FineCrypt (File Encryption Tool)
    ++Paragon Encrypted Disk (Make Virtual Encrypted Hard Drive)
    ++TrueCrypt (Make Virtual Encrypted Hard Drive)
    +EfreeSoft Boss Key (Hides Open Applications)


    --Data Recovery Tools:
    ++PC Inspector File Recovery (File Recovery)
    ++Smart Data Recovery (Data Recovery Tool)

    --File Backup Tools:
    +++Double Image (File Backup Tool)
    ++AKGBackup (File Backup Tool)
    ++BackPack (File Backup Tool)
    +DriveImage XML (Complete Hard Drive Backup)
    +Everyday Auto Backup (Auto Backup tool)

    --Online Backup Programs:
    +++GMailGarner (Use Your Gmail 2gigs For Backup)
    +++Mozy Remote Backup (2 Gigs free file backup)
    +++Send To GMail (Use Your Gmail 2gigs For Backup) Highly Recommend Installing
    +++Xdrive (5gig Online Hard Drive) Recommend Installing

    -File & Disk Management:
    +++Good Sync (File Synchronizer)
    +++MaxSplitter (File Splitter) Recommend Installing
    +++WinRAR (Manage RAR And ZIP Files) Highly Recommend Installing
    ++ARen (Multiple File Renamer)
    ++Clone Cleaner Lite (Duplicate File Remover)
    +FileGuard (Monitor File Changes)
    +Find Junk Files (Cleanes Up Wasted Space)
    +SnapFolders (Folder Shortcut Maker)

    --Shows Disk Space Usage:
    +++JDiskReport (Shows Disk Space Usage) Recommend Installing
    ++i.Disk (Shows Disk Space Usage)
    ++SC-DiskInfo (Shows Disk Space Usage)

    --Windows Explorer Replacements:
    +++Explorer Z1 (Windows Explorer Replacement) Recommend Installing
    ++ExplorerXP (Windows Explorer Replacement)
    ++Xplorer2 Lite (Windows Explorer Replacement)

    -Internet Tools & Utilities:
    --Bookmark Managers:
    +++NetFav (Store Your Bookmarks Online) Highly Recommend Installing
    ++DotBookmark (Store Your Bookmarks Online)

    --Download Managers:
    +++Download Accelerator (Download Manager) Highly Recommend Installing
    ++Free Download Manager (Download Manager)
    ++Get File Size (Shows Download Time Of A File)
    ++Gigaget Download Manager (Download Manager)

    --File Sharing:
    +++Zapr Sharing (File Sharing Direct From Your Computer) Recommend Installing
    ++Pixpo (Share Videos)
    +Ground Control (Share Files With Friends)
    ---P2P Programs:
    +++LimeWire (P2P Program) Recommend Installing
    +++uTorrent (Torrent Program) Recommend Installing

    +++Connection Booster (Boosts Internet Connection) Highly Recommend Installing
    +++Febooti FileTweak (Download Speed Tester)
    +++Firefox (Internet Browser)
    +++IESpell (Spell Checker) Highly Recommend Installing
    +++ImageShackToolbar (Use For Your Imageshack Account) Highly Recommend Installing
    +++McAfee SiteAdvisor (Advance Website Advisor) Recommend Installing
    +++Trillion (Msn, Yahoo, Aim Messenger In One) Highly Recommend Installing
    ++BitMeter (Shows Internet Activaty)
    ++EyeOnSite (Shows When Website Service Goes Down)
    ++Instant Hidden Internet (Hides Browser And Files)
    +HTML Movie Parser (Find And Save Videos Off Websites)
    +IPNetInfo (Find IP Address Info)

    --Online Form Tools:
    +++RoboForm (Auto Username & Password filler) Recommend Installing
    +++SSO Plus (Auto Username & Password filler)
    ++Infinite Password Generator (Generates And Encrypts Passwords)
    ++Internet Password Keeper (Password Saver)
    ++Security PRO Pack (Hide Folder And Password Saver)

    --Search Tools:
    +++ToSearch (Torrent Searcher) Recommend Installing
    +++Wikipedia Search Bar (Search With Wikipedia)
    ++QuikSearch America (Search With All Good Search Engines)
    ++Yahoo Toolbar with AntiSpy (IE Add On)

    --Weather Tools:
    +++WeatherMan (Show Weather) Highly Recommend Installing
    ++Rain Alerts (Gives Warning When Its About To Rain)
    ++Weather Watcher (Show Weather)
    ++WeatherMate (Show Weather)

    -Optimizers & Diagnostics:
    --Monitors System Resources:
    +++PCSummarizer (Monitors System Resources)
    ++FreeMeter (Monitors System Resources)

    --Ram Tools:
    +++Free ram pro (Keeps Ram Stable) Highly Recommend Installing
    ++RamBooster (Keeps Ram Stable)
    ++WinCleaner Memory Optimizer (Keeps Ram Stable)

    --System Info:
    +++AIDA32 (Shows System Info) Recommend Installing
    +++Computer Profiler (Shows System Info)
    ++Belarc (Shows System Info)
    +Faronics System Profiler (Shows System Info)

    --Windows XP Tweakers:
    +++FreshDevices (Windows XP Tweaker)
    +++Tweak Genie (Windows XP Tweaker)
    ++TuneXP (Windows XP Tweaker)

    -System Utilities:
    --Computer Restart Programs:
    ++Force Shutdown (Shut Your Computer Down Fast)
    ++Switch off (Turns Off Computer At A Set Time)
    +ShutMeDown (Fast Computer Shut Down)
    +SpeedShut (Shut Your Computer Down Fast)

    ++Active Security Monitor (Shows How Protected Your Computer Is) Recommend Installing
    ++Error Messages for Windows (Look Up MS Windows Error codes)
    ++joycur (Keybored To Joystick)
    ++tray Minimizer (Minimize Programs To System Tray)
    +ASCIIPic (Change Image Into Text)
    +Autorun Creator (Generate Autorun.inf Files)
    +GhostIt (Make Windows Translucent)

    --Registry and Defragmenter Tools:
    +++Advanced WindowsCare (Protects, Repairs And Optimizes Your Computer) Recommend Installing
    +++AusLogics Disk Defrag (Defragmenter) Highly Recommend Installing
    +++CCleaner (Registry Cleaner) Highly Recommend Installing
    +++Free Registry Cleaner ( Registry Cleaner) Recommend Installing
    +++TweakNow RegCleaner (Registry Cleaner) Recommend Installing
    ++Abexo Free Registry Cleaner (Registry Cleaner)
    ++Free Registry Defrag (Registry Defragmenter)
    ++WinASO RegDefrag (Registry Defragmenter)
    +SpeeDefrag (Defragmenter)

    --Screenshot Programs:
    +++Screenhunter (Makes Screenshots) Highly Recommend Installing
    ++Gadwin PrintScreen (Makes Screenshots)

    --System Startup Tools:
    +++Startup Mechanic (See What Starts At Startup) Highly Recommend Installing
    ++Quick StartUp (See What Starts At Startup)

    --Task Managers:
    +++TaskPatrol Personal (Advance Task Manager) Recommend Installing
    +++WinPatrol (Advance Task Manager) Recommend Installing
    ++Exe File Information (Info On All Running Programs)
    ++Faber Toys (Tracks Applications)
    ++ProgramChecker Personal Edition (Task Manager)
    ++What's Running (Task Manager)

    +++ZSoft Uninstaller (Program Uninstaller) Recommend Installing
    ++Easy Uninstaller (Program Uninstaller)
    +Add Remove Program Cleaner (Remove Things From Add and Remove List)

    Download links:

    The best Download link is the first one

    Download from *********


    Download from Megaupload

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    Thank you for posting this "masta_pupa". I will definitely use some of these programs. Very well done, and set out clean and easy for the less technical people.

    Very nice.

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    nice i needed a few also

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    Pretty cool, I needed a few of those, but some of the others.... Useless to me. But still, nice post.

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    Yea I just released this on our forum and then figured you guys could get some use out of it, also felt like contributing something real good on this forum for Dave's Belated B-day hahah.

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