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    Toshiba P105 S6104 Video issues

    Laptop boots but has no video, checked usual suspects but found

    nothing remarkable. There is no image on built in monitor while

    laptop is booting,this is not my machine, it has xp on it when

    laptop is hooked up to an external monitor it displays the Toshiba

    logo and starts XP for about 30 seconds then video goes out on

    external monitor as well. Machine seems to go through entire post.

    with no video. as anyone experienced anything like this, if so,

    save me some time. This is a favor I am doing for someone

    else.Thanks for your time...

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    When on the external monitor try duplicating your display on your laptop screen. Since everything but the screen seems to work I'm willing to bet that you managed to lose connectivity to the screens. Happened to me a few times with my laptops, the wiring tends to go through the screen hinges and, depending on build quality, can be quite easily torn out of whatever it's connected to.
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