Hello. I was wondering if anyone has any info. with regards to mp game companies taking action against those who brute-force user accounts and perform actions of behalf of the user. Here are my questions more specifically.
1. If one were to perform a brute-force attack on a server to aquire users' passwords, would it be easy for them to see that a specific username is attempting to login with a different password every couple ms? In theory I guess it would, but do you think that game login servers would pay attention to something like this?
2. If they do notice and take record of this suspicious activity, do you think they would attempt to ban the ip(s) trying do such thing or try to notify said user?
3. Would they contact any federal agencies, e.g. FBI, to make an investigation, and find out who is behind the attack, and perhaps pursue legal action the one who did it? Like has anyone ever heard,at all, of any legal action being taken against someone who brute-forced only a couple accounts

Note that I know that these things are rare, but I would really like to have a better understanding of how rare and under what circumstances that these things would happen. Does anyone know if Mojang has ever done such thing for those who brute-force and even sell MC accounts ( as I know this is very popular). I know I come off as a bit paranoid, but I really need re-assurance that the risk of getting cracking an account is negligible (if it really is). Also note that I have VPNs, Mac Address Spoofers, and other anonymity tools at my disposal.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.