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    Need Advice For Gaming Setup.

    Hello. I hope this is the right section. I have only serisouly played a few games in my day. (I get into one game & usually stick with it) Halo2 - RIP Runescape ( RIP IPO) - CS 1.6 & now I'm getting into CSGO. My laptop has done fine for RS & 1.6, but now I have come to the conclusion upgrading is a must. I need a 120 or 144 hz monitor. How much better is 144 than a 120? My friend has offered his tower for $200.00 with these specs:
    ATI Radeon HD 5600 Series
    ATTI Tech
    ATI display adapter
    Internal DAC 400MHZ
    1920 X 1080 32 bit 59 HZ
    PnP Monitor
    1TB memory
    4 gigs Ram.

    Will these machine take advantage of 120 and/or 144 to it's max potential or am I better of building my own tower. If I should build my own tower, what are recommendations / what is vital for CSGO particularly. That's all I intend on using it for besides basic Microsoft office & Eclipse usage. Also - How much does a T1 connection or a personal server connection benefit CSGO play? Thanks for any input in advance.

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    Well, to be honest. If you have the money to buy you're own tower. Then go ahead and do that. But please include some more info.

    - How much are you willing to pay?
    - Are you only gonna be playing CSGO? Or any higher demanding games?
    - Are you going to be streaming? Rendering Video's?
    - Lastly, are you going to be OC'ing? (Over Clocking)

    Hope to hear from you.

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