Well, people who have this problem have obviously searched the internet and tried many options but still fail!

I Was just trying to fix without googling it, and I came across this which worked for me after my PC Restart.

Go to:

Settings > Control Panel > *Where it says View by:* Change it to Small Icons > Locate Trouble Shooting > Then there will be something about Windows Updates, There will be an option to "Fix/Run" Trouble SHooting for updates. > Click it > After it says something about Admin Permissions, It will say Something like "Run again as Admin" > Run as Admin > Wait for it to be done > It will say "Fixed" after and show 2 or more boxes and show a tick sign > Then it should ask you to restart your pc > If it don't, restart it anyway.

This Should work guys!

I know it's sort of hard to understand, it's because I done it and then It worked so I decided to make a Fix on here, but Since I don't have good memory couldn't say what it said 100% Accurately.

If this works please give a thanks!

P.S. If this is on the internet but In better detail, Sorry, I haven't noticed!