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    Gaming mice w/ Onboard memory

    I have been looking around here for awhile and I know a lot of people here use Bloody mice because they can execute macros without software from a computer being active at the time of execution.

    I am interested in doing this with a Xim4 using PS4 playing Destiny, CODAW, BF4 ect.

    I looked at Logitech and found that you cannot make macros that repeat and store them for execution onboard and I am finding that this is the case with most mice.
    Being a PC gamer I never had to worry about if my macro could be used onboard or not.

    I have been looking at buying a Blazing A9 or the V7 but after some research found that the higher DPI settings are horrible, which worries me as most of the optical mice have the same sensor.

    So what I want to know - What other mice have the capabilities of the bloody mice? specifically the ability to execute a macro from the onboard mem of the mouse with no additional software.

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place or has been answered in the past but I did look and didn't see this addressed.

    Thanks for any responses.

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    I think, all of the X7 mice with oscar.

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